Cancellations / No Shows

Lynwood offers free cancellation up to 72 hours before 10am of the date of arrival.

Any cancellations made after this point or in case of a 'no-show', the total price of the reservation will be charged.

Payment Options

 The card details used during booking will be charged 72 hours prior to arrival.

All rooms' maximum occupancy is show on the room information pages (and on, Expedia, etc confirmation emails). Over-occupancy can only be arranged in advance and is chargeable at a minimum rate of 15 GBP per night - subject to the season. All over-occupancy is at Lynwood's discretion and Lynwood reserves the right to refuse to provide guest accommodation for those found breaching its occupancy rules, whilst still reserving the right to charge for the accommodation in full.

Arrival Options

All arrivals at Lynwood are via our easy self-service check-in. Rooms are ready for use from 2pm - unless arranged in advance with us.

Guests will be emailed the instructions the day before their arrival.

Parking must be requested in advance.

Discount Codes and Promotions

Codes offer set percentage discounts off the advertised online price (on Lynwood.House) for the same available room on the same night(s) as the requested booking.

Only available on telephone reservations and reservations made on Lynwood.House. Discounts are not available via online travel agents, such as Tripadvisor, and LateRooms etc as these agents already charge a commission for your booking. Lynwood House would rather customers book direct, so we can take the commission off your price with promotional offers instead of paying the online travel agents!

All usual Lynwood House policies remain unchanged by the discount offer - minimum nights, arranged arrival etc. as stated on

Discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Anti-Social Behaviour / Smoking

Lynwood House is a member of Q-Alert, which maintains a database of information about guests whose behaviour is unacceptable. We may share your information with members of the Q-Alert and this may result in Q-Alert members refusing to accept bookings from you in the future.

By registrating at Lynwood (including check-in via the self check-in service) guests are bound to agree not to smoke inside the building. Guests who smoke inside Lynwood House will be fined 80 GBP, plus any further treatments required to rid the house of the smell of smoke and / or loss of business caused. Moreover, guests are agreeing to stay for the agreed number of nights at the agreed rate.

Any aggressive behaviour will result in the police being called. All our staff take the safety of fellow guests extremely seriously and will not hesitate to call the police if they feel any of the guests or themselves is being threatened.